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Metal Framed Acoustic Panels for New York Commercial Spaces: Ensuring Fire Safety and Sound Absorption Excellence

Fire safety and optimizing acoustic performance are of utmost importance in New York City’s commercial spaces, offices, and grand auditoriums – with metal-framed acoustic panels providing an outstanding solution to both requirements. Their fireproof mineral wool cores, Guilford of Maine fabric, and Class A fire rating offer maximum safety as well as superior sound absorption capabilities. In this comprehensive guide on metal framed acoustic panels we will delve deeper into their world while meeting FDNY requirements while creating an enjoyable yet safe atmosphere for their inhabitants occupants while providing them a harmonious and safe atmosphere – with metal framed acoustic panels we will delve into their world while meeting all their essential requirements while creating an enjoyable and safe atmosphere in commercial office spaces across NYC while creating harmonious and safe environments for their inhabitant’s occupants alike. inhabitant’s

Fire Safety With Acoustic Panels Framed in Metal:

Comply with FDNY Standards:

Metal frame acoustic panels designed for installation are engineered to meet the rigorous standards set forth by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), earning them C15 certification that confirms they meet necessary fireproof and fire-retardant specifications.

Affidavit Submission:

Commercial space tenants in New York are required to present an affidavit signed by a C15 Certificate holder as evidence of compliance with FDNY regulations. Metal framed acoustic panels made from fire retardant materials like mineral wool or Guilford of Maine fabric can fulfill these requirements and ensure fire safety remains a top priority in every workplace setting.

Mineral Wool Acoustic Panels Are An Amazing Fire Retardant Solution:

Superior Fire Resistance:

Metal framed acoustic panels made with mineral wool as their core material exhibit superior fire retardant properties, featuring outstanding fire resistant qualities due to being noncombustible – offering vital safety benefits in case of fire emergency situations.

Unparalleled Absorption Qualities:

Mineral wool’s porous and open-cell structure allows it to efficiently absorb sound waves, thus reducing echo and reverberation in any space it inhabits. In combination with their fireproof construction, this makes mineral wool panels popular choices in New York City’s commercial spaces.

Guilford of Maine Fabric for Reinforcing Fire Safety:

Fire Retardant Fabric:

Fabric selection is of paramount importance when designing metal-framed acoustic panels, and Guilford of Maine fabric stands out due to its superior quality and fire retardant properties, adding another level of safety for users while meeting stringent fire safety regulations. Ultimately, this ensures the acoustic panels deliver maximum performance while safeguarding occupants against harm.

Attach Acoustic Panels with Metal Z Clips:

Secure and Versatile: Metal Z clips are an ideal way to secure metal framed acoustic panels to walls in commercial environments with constantly shifting acoustical needs. Their sturdy clips ensure safe installation while permitting quick removal when necessary – this versatility is particularly beneficial in spaces with evolving acoustic requirements.

Class A Fire Safety Certification: Acoustic panels rated with Class A fire ratings represent the pinnacle of fireproof materials, providing exceptional fire protection in commercial spaces where safety and compliance are of utmost importance.


Within New York City’s bustling commercial spaces, offices, and grand auditoriums lie metal-framed acoustic panels as an embodiment of both fire safety and acoustic excellence. These panels meet the stringent requirements of the New York Fire Department while offering superior sound absorption capabilities. Their fireproof mineral wool core, Guilford of Maine fabric, and Class A fire rating satisfy these stringent regulations while meeting stringent sound absorption needs. Metal framed acoustic panels provide the optimal blend of fire safety and acoustic performance, with expert installation using metal Z clips, adhering to Class A fire rating requirements, and maintaining harmonious environments for all occupants. Metal-framed acoustic panels are an outstanding choice for commercial spaces in New York City looking to strike that balance between safety and acoustic performance.

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