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Preparing the Land Where your New Home is to be established in Ontario

Built a home or a house in Ontario as most of you might know is one of the most satisfying feelings, however, to begin this process, it is necessary to plan a piece of land. Here is the construction checklist which designed to match the preparations of the land for construction starting from planning phase up to the construction phase.

Step 1: This section covers the process of obtaining site information and planning the acquisition of specified site information

a. Completing a Site Survey

However there is nothing like starting from the basics and so let’s look at site survey which is a very crucial factor in every project no matter how big or small it is. This entails making of a sketch map of the given property and deciding as to which natural physical features are inherent on the respective property or such things as objects or structures that may be already situated on that property. This seek the services of a professional surveying company that will be in a position to give you the right measurement to enable you plan your site accordingly. Looking at the factor, it is necessary in getting construction permits for a new house construction and on the architectural design.

b. Soil Testing

Now, one has to assess the type of soil that is obtained with an auger or a soil sample that is used for agricultural production or constructions. Considering its distribution across the world it’s the most significant element that defies the distribution of loads and if not well supported by the type of soil it can experience a shift in its ability to support a structure and thus the kind of foundation that your home requires. More often, ground check can also inform you of any contaminants or moisture likely to impact the structures.

c. Zoning and Permits

Finally, last but not the least, also, don’t forget the rules pertaining to the zoning that is allowed in a given area or any permissions that might be necessary for any construction. Justify that it is crucial that you make an application for the construction permits that are necessary such as construction approval, plumbed, electrical , and any other permits that may be necessary for building the structure. In as much as it is always advisable to approach a local government at initial stages of planning, some waiters might later come and pull you down due to certain legal provisions that may not approve some features of your project beforehand.

Step 2: Subdue to scattered matter and eliminate all paraphernalian of various forms that may be encountered in lines of business.

a. Land Clearing

The following process is preparation of the land or what is referred to as the land clearance in this context. First, they would have to level the parcel by removing natural features such as trees and shrubs as well as any structures that may have been put up in the area. Technical clearances may not only involve some kind of machinery, whatever is needed for a certain project, it may also call for individuals with specific competence when it comes to the operation of these pieces of equipment. It is very advisable to give extra and special attention to the disposal of such items and ensure that all the items needed should be disposed and or recycled as per the code of that country.

b. Grading and Excavation

The other problem would be to compact the land immediately after clearing so that the ground will be flat for construction to commence on, another problem could be voltage drop or fluctuation. This is beneficial in order to attain the drainage requirement as well as enhances the overall base of the structure. Backfilling involves the procedure of removal of earth for purposes like digging the area in preparing the site for trenches of footings or utilities among others. Erasing grading and excavation also eliminates water build-up and soil slippage agendas which are detrimental to the framework of the building.

Step 3: Infrastructure Installation

a. Utilities

Regarding the utilities, it is always necessary to ensure the availability and, if the water supply, electrical supply, gas, or sewage systems and other necessities like the internet and clean water are available or not. Approach the utility firms in order to ensure they are the ones preparing the necessary facilities like sewers, power supply, telephone and WAN cables among others.

b. Drainage Systems

In general it is important to ensure proper drainage systems for instance, in a house it is wrong for water to ‘leak ‘ through the walls and bring destruction. This includes the fitting of gutters, down spouts, as well as pipe drainage aspect or system. Some of the importance of this method are enumerated as follows; This will help in ascertaining that the water does not stagnate at the base of constructional structures, a factor that will reduce the cases of floods and soil erosion.

Step 4: Foundation Preparation

a. Foundation Design

This is so because the nature of the ground that would be obtained in that particular area would dictate the type of foundation that most homes would need for their construction and this would also depend on the construction plan for the house. There is the general foundation structure known as; Slab-on-grade foundation structure, crawl space, and basement foundation structures. Of course, there are certain preparations which are different for each: And the right insulation should be used only if the vapor barriers are laid and the steel reinforcement is placed.

b. Pouring the Foundation

Be that as it may, here, the construction starts from preparing a site for construction up to pouring of foundation. This must be flat, firm and capable of providing proper auger for the foundation of your new home, thus this alone requires much attention. Making certain that the concrete has gained strength right is crucial in this process and this takes a few days or weeks depending on various factors such as the type of the foundation to be applied and the weather conditions.

Step 5: Environmental Considerations

a. Erosion Control

NP: Remedial measures should be taken to negotiate with erosion during the construction period and also the post construction period. There is need to reinforce the surface of the ground with the help of barriers where these include silt fences, retaining walls and plant revegetation. Vegetation control aids in averting further movement of the soils and also protects any water resource from further pollution.

b. Sustainable Practices

Some of the steps that should be taken include: In other areas like construction, environmental concerns can be met through use of environmentally friendly material while constructing, proper disposal and management of construction waste, and incorporating the use environmental friendly systems like energy saving systems when constructing. This will, of course, contribute to the greening of the environment but it will also have many other advantages, namely, one fine, the reduction in expenditures in the distant future and, on the other hand, the increase in the price of a house.


Site submission involves preparing the land for the construction of the dream hence it is an important process. Perceptions of desirable conditions, evaluations of legal regulations, followed by the installation of quality infrastructure and environmental controls will ensure that construction of the home of our dreams proceeds unhindered and based on a solid structure. It may cost time and money taking necessary preparation on the land perhaps bearing in mind that maximum safety on the land as well as stability of the foundation for the dream house will be most deserving in the long run.

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